Symposium Submission

Symposium Submission Instructions

Call for Symposium Proposals Due: March 6, 2020 by midnight EST

EDRS members are invited to submit symposium proposals for the 2020 Annual Meeting in Sitges, Spain. A symposium is ideal for presenting work that is of broad interest to the EDRS membership, that involves investigators across a number of locations working on related questions, and that cannot be adequately covered within a single 10-minute oral scientific paper presentation. We will prioritize symposium proposals that address the theme of “Current Limitations and Future Challenges in ED Research”. We anticipate accepting 1-2 symposium proposals for the meeting given the limited number of times available for general sessions.

Time and Structure of Symposium

Symposia are 90 minutes in total length, thus we recommend a maximum of 4 speakers per symposium, including a symposium chair. Each speaker would have 20 minutes to present. The chair is responsible for ensuring that presentations fall within the allotted time and that there is time for at least 10 minutes of questions during the 90-minute session. Time for questions and discussion can be scheduled following individual talks or at the end of all talks but must be included within the 90-minute session.

Instructions for Symposium Proposals

The designated chair for a submitted symposium should use the format presented below to prepare the following information for review:

  1. Symposium Title
  2. Name of Chair with brief abstract of Chair's presentation (Note: we anticipate that the symposium's title will serve as the title of the Chair's presentation)
  3. For each proposed talk within the symposium
      1. Title of talk
      2. Speaker name and affiliation
      3. Brief abstract of talk (word count minimum=50 and maximum=150)

2020 EDRS Symposium Proposal – Formal Structure

Symposium Title: Chair (name and affiliation):

Title of First Talk: Speaker (name and affiliation):

Title of Second Talk: Speaker (name and affiliation):

Title of Third Talk: Speaker (name and affiliation):

Title of Fourth Talk: Speaker (name and affiliation):

Requirements for Accepted Symposia

In submitting a symposium proposal, chairs and proposed speakers agree, if accepted, to present at their assigned time given the limited number of times available. People who are unable to attend the full meeting due to schedule conflicts may not wish to participate in submitting a symposium proposal for the 2020 EDRS meeting. All symposium presenters are required to register for the EDRS meeting.

Please email your submission to